Community Grass Roots Representatives

Francine Frank                                  Marcus Harazin

Ann Gifford                                        William R. Hinrichs, D. Min

Mary Linton                                       David Smingler

Lois Wilson, CDSIF Co-Founder

Organizational Liaisons

Albany County Department for Aging: George Brown, Commissioner

Albany Guardian Society Liaison: Ken Harris, Executive Director*

Catholic Charities: Deborah Damm O’Brien, Esq.*, Executive Director, Catholic Charities Housing, DePaul Housing Management, Catholic Charities Senior Services, McCloskey Community Service

Capital Region Theological Center: Martha Reisner, Executive Director, represented by Laurie Cooper

New York State Office for Aging:, Greg Olsen, MSW, Deputy Director, Laurie Pferr, Deputy Director, represented by Kelly Mateja

Rensselaer County Unified Family Services: Carol Rosbozom, Commissioner,

Schenectady County Department of Senior & Long Term Care Services: Laura Bacheldor, Manager

Senior Services of Albany: Monika Boeckmann, Executive Director

Statewide Senior Action Council: Gail Myers, Deputy Director

*Executive Committee Members